The IXth ICCP (2004)


organizing committee


    Address of the VIIIth ICCP's Organizing Committee: Donskaya street, 37, DNTTM, room 308, Russian Federation, Moscow.

     Phone: +7(095)-237-3003.





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The Ninth International Conference

on Civilization Problems


Project CIVILIZATION announces the IXth International Conference on Civilization Problems. The Conference will be held on December 11-12, 2004, in Moscow, Russia.

In the organization of the Conference, the following members take part: Russian Academy of Sciences, XXI Century's Society of Worldology, Project CIVILIZATION, Project "Unknown Planet", Minor Academy of Sciences, Chemistry Sector of the Palace of Youth Scientific and Technical Creative Work.

Preliminary program of arrangements

December 11, Saturday

Opening ceremony of the regularly scheduled, ninth by number, International Conference on Civilization Problems (under the Project CIVILIZATION's patronage). 

Plenary session day. Presentations by the Conference guests and members of the Project CIVILIZATION. By now, the following presentations are scheduled:

A.Nazarov. Andrey Roublev: The Critics of Historiography

V.Blazhnov. The Troitskaya Chronicle and the Kulikovskaya Battle.

V.A.Ivanov. Archimed - The Great Mathematician of the XVIIth century.

Ya.A.Kessler. Diseases as a Reflection of Civilization Development.

A.P.Stamboli. Napoleon in Search for Grail.

A.B.Nikolsky. On a Luckless Attempt of Empire Reconstruction.

N.S.Kellin, V.A.Ivanov. A Mathematical Analysis of the Typography Chronicle.

I.Tabov (Bulgaria). Bulgarians in the Trojan War.

F.Vinci (Italy). Homer in the Baltic. Homeric Geography.

J.Pietron (Poland). Some thoughts on Anatoly Fomenko.

E.Ya.Gabovitch (Germany). From the Professor's Chair: The Historians of the Past Talking about their Subject.

S.Morozov (Latvia). The Wooden  Palace of the Tzar' Alexey Mikhailovich Romanov as a Prototype of the Biblean House of Solomon, Made from the Cedar of Lebanon.

The program can be changed and expanded. 


December 12, Sunday  

In the morning, the lectures of guests and participants of
Project CIVILIZATION will be given. Talks by A.M.Zhabinsky, A.M.Truhin, S.K.Stafeev, V.V.Makarenko, Yu.Ya.Lyubashevsky, N.I.Khodakovsky, G.M.Gerasimov, A.Z.Sinelnikov, etc., are expected.

In the afternoon, round-table discussion will be organized on the problems of civilization, with the participation of the first and second day's speakers.

Sessions, discussions, the Conference's closing. Banquet.

Address of the
IXth ICCP's Organizing Committee: Donskaya street, 37, DNTTM, room 308, Russian Federation, Moscow. Phone: +7(095)-237-3003.

Application for participation should be submitted by e-mail to
Thesis of oral and poster presentations should be submitted by e-mail to

Participation is free of charge, transport and hotel fees are on the guest's own expense.

Details about the place of the Conference will be announced later.

All the materials are intended to be published in the electronic form at the website and on paper in the coming issues of Project CIVILIZATION's Almanac.






















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