Welcome to the Project CIVILIZATION web page

Today, there exists a long-felt need to develop a scientific approach to the problems of chronology without claiming the truth in last instance. To accomplish this purpose, this site was created.

The main objectives of the project are as follows:

  • Transformation of historical chronology into a modern science with a wide range of mathematical and natural science methods for dating of historical events
  • A multipronged approach to studying ancient historical records to identify their agreement (or disagreement) with the traditional version of history
  • Identification of real events in the ancient historical records by means of mathematical, natural science, and linguistic methods and re-dating of these events
  • Reconstruction of Global History, that is formulation of a noncontradictory self-consistent version of the historical progress of mankind on the basis of the new short chronology and the interdisciplinary approach to understanding historical records.

Contributions from professional historians, philologists, archeologists, climatologists, as well as specialists in other branches of science are welcome. Only co-operation and common efforts, knowledge, experience, and methods can result in reconstruction of the genuine picture of historical events and the past of mankind.

It is imperative to perform a new analysis of all historical records, particularly, find evidence that does not fit in the framework of the conventional version of history. Any fact, even the one that seems to be insignificant or absolutely unbelievable at the first glance, might become a significant contribution in the foundation of the new reconstructed global history.

This server is the official site of Project CIVILIZATION and The Research Fund for Applied Programs. It consists of the following sections:


Provides official information about the project, documents, references, etc.

  • Electronic Library

Contains publications by the project authors and historical records whose study is believed to be necessary to develop the new theory.

  • Reviews

Includes mass media publications and links related to the Project.

  • News

Reflects any new information in mass media and Internet related to the project.

  • Discussion

Provides a link to the Internet forum Consilium.

  • Publications

Contains publications related to the project objectives

  • Guestbook

Anyone's opinion on the project is welcome

  • Links

Provides links to other sites

  • Special

Includes materials related to special research methods within the framework of the project, specifically, those in archeology, dendrochronology, radiocarbon dating, numismatics, linguistics, geography, religion, history, reconstruction of history, falsifications, and special dating methods.

  • Collection

Collects all the facts, even insignificant ones, related to the project (anachronisms, curious quotations, duplicates, interesting comments, parallelisms, etc.) These facts may result in future publications that will be posted on the site in a corresponding section.

  • Server Map

Provides an easy and convenient means of navigation through the server by a single click of your mouse.

Note: Due to some obvious limitations, the structure and content of the English version of the site may differ from those of the Russian one.

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